Underfloor Heating

The benefits of underfloor heating in your home or business?

Installing underfloor heating within you home provides a warm and comforting flooring to welcome you on cold mornings and will distribute heat evenly throughout the room. The two main types of underfloor heating are the dry system (Electric underfloor heating) and the wet system (pump-driven, water underfloor heating).

Underfloor heating can be installed beneath a range of flooring materials including wood, stone or tiled floors. A good underfloor heating system installation will allow you to remove radiators and other heating appliances which allows a clean finish to the interior decoration of the room.

Wet Systems

Wet systems are made up of pipes that are typically connected to your boiler, and use warm water from the central heating system. While a condensing boiler will offer the greatest potential savings on running costs, any boiler can be used with UFH, as long as it has a sufficient capacity.

Underfloor heating repairs and control systems

In addition to our underfloor heating installation, we also provide repairs and control systems. Problems can occur with your underfloor heating, and we have a wealth of expertise in fault finding to get your issue resolved as quick as possible. We also provide control systems for your underfloor heating that is essential to manage the temperature around your home.

Approved engineers

Our Polypipe approved engineers can install, service and cleanse wet underfloor heating systems in any type of home, during the building process or as a retrofit product, to whole floors or just one room.

This highly efficient ‘trickle heat’ underfloor heating system takes very little energy from your boiler but produces as much warmth as conventional panel radiators.