Power Flush Services

What is a Power Flush?

If you are thinking about replacing your old boiler, then give the team a call at Aquatec NW. We believe in operating a very open and transparent approach with all our customers, this is a way that we build trust. Our experienced team of home surveyors will first assess on whether actually your boiler does need replacing. If this is the case, then we will advise on you on the right boiler based upon your home heating requirements.

It can be expensive replacing your boiler and ideally it is something that you should only plan if your boiler is over 10 – 12 years old. If you are encountering frequent breakdowns, repairs to your boiler can become really costly. Here at Aquatec NW we offer boiler replacements from some of the UK’s leading boiler brands. These include Ideal, Worcester Bosch & Viessmann. We also offer a range of finance options, should you need it.

When is a power flush needed?

In our opinion If you carry out regular servicing and maintenance by qualified engineers, then a preventative Power flush should only be required every 5-6 years to clear debris and prevent significant blockages from taking hold.

However, this will vary depending on the system you have. For example, some boilers use copper heat exchangers rather than stainless steel which will corrode quicker.

We always advise that if you are planning to replace your old boiler, that you request that the engineer performs a Power flush before the new boiler installation. Otherwise, you will risk contaminating the new boiler with damaging sludge and debris that’s hanging around in the old pipework.